Apple Consider Crimea as Part of Ukraine Now

Greg Burn


Apple Consider Crimea as Part of Ukraine Now

Russia’s ongoing aggressive actions against Ukraine forces companies to take ever more diversified distancing measures. In addition to tangible economic steps, Apple does everything possible to fight the Russian authorities in the information field. In early March, Apple Maps and branded Weather Apps began showing the Crimean peninsula as part of Ukraine.

Recall that at the moment, the status of Crimea is disputed. It remains uncertain after 2014 when Russia annexed the territory. Five years later, the tech giant was forced to comply with the request of the Russian Federation authorities and started to demonstrate the peninsula as part of Russia when opening apps from its territory. Of course, such a step could not go unnoticed and led to condemnation from Ukraine. Crimea was shown as a “neutral” land for all other regions without belonging to any country.

Now all countries see that the Crimean peninsula belongs to Ukraine. At the same time, the situation remained the same for users from Russia. Whether it is planned to make changes for this region as well is still unknown. It also remains unclear whether Google Maps will join this action. So far, in this app, Crimea does not belong to any country as users outside Russia can see.

Let us briefly recall what other steps Apple has taken to support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. The company stopped selling its devices and closed all stores. In App Store outside the Russian Federation, all services and applications that belong to pro-state media have been deleted. Also, Apple Pay has been suspended throughout Russia, and customers of Russian banks that have fallen under sanctions will not be able to use this service even abroad.

Do you follow the news from Ukraine? Do you think the measures being taken to counter Russian aggression are effective