TikTok and Netflix Suspend Work in Russia

Samanta Blumberg


TikTok and Netflix Suspend Work in Russia

Against the backdrop of ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, the Russian authorities actively block independent domestic and foreign media and news services that publish information that does not correspond to official government statements. Those who cannot fully work on the country's territory leave it to be able to cover events as honestly as possible, without fear of criminal liability. Also, many enterprises are closed as a sign of support for Ukraine in this war.

To date, almost 150 companies and organizations have suspended their work (including Netflix and TikTok) and production in Russia. They have also refused to purchase materials and metals supplied by the country. Many tech giants were initially reluctant to take such steps because they led to a significant market loss. However, after a law was passed in Russia providing for liability (from big fines to sentences of up to 15 years) for the deliberate dissemination of disinformation, the list of companies that stopped working has expanded significantly. It was joined by many information and entertainment services.

TikTok representatives said they were left with no choice. Users from Russia cannot view new videos and publish their clips and streams. The company has temporarily blocked these options (it is still possible to send messages) until it thoroughly examines the consequences of the new law for its development. TikTok doesn't want to put its employees and users at risk because the platform has been used to post videos of mass protests. Netflix has not yet commented on the exact reason for leaving Russia. Recall that the streaming service refused to broadcast Russian channels earlier.

Please share your thoughts on the current situation in the comments. What consequences do you think such measures will have for Russia in the long run?